Mobile App Diagnostics (On-Site)


One-time Diagnostics Service (for a one-time payment) where we test everything (in-person, at one or more of your locations) using your App to make sure it’s all working smoothly and correctly.

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On-Site/On-Location – One-time Diagnostics Service (for a one-time payment).  Our Mobile App Diagnostics service is highly recommended if you are preparing to launch any sort of marketing (or promotional) campaign where lots of Customers/Users will be making purchases or performing actions from/in your mobile app. We’ll test everything from various stand-points, such as ordering, back-end API functionality, Square Dashboard integration and connectivity, printers/tickets (optional), etc.

This service is similar to our $100 service, except we send a representative to one or more of your physical locations to actually perform tests, test purchases, etc. in person in order to ensure everything is functioning properly and smoothly before your campaign launches.

Currently available in the Chicagoland area, including some suburbs. Please contact us for more information.

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