App Setup – Pre-Order Branded Voice-Enabled Square App


Become one of the first people in the world to have their very own branded, voice-enabled E-Commerce App – based on Pre-Order, our flagship mobile app template solution. This cost represents a one-time setup fee that covers you for life, which means no monthly payments or fees ever (limited-time promotion). Learn more below. Want to split your setup fee into easy monthly payments? Just choose the ViaBill option on the Checkout page. View screenshots of how to checkout with ViaBill. Learn more below…

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Your branded, voice-enabled mobile app seamlessly (and securely) connects to any Square Account within 30 seconds, allowing you to easily (and automatically) import all of your products/items and/or services, including pricing, images, options, etc. The one-time setup fee is for a special Lifetime Membership and can be broken down into 4 easy monthly payments when simply by choosing the ViaBill option on the Checkout page. ViaBill is our global payment partner and requires no credit check. You just need a valid credit card or debit card, must be 18+ and a US Citizen).

All Apps are based on Pre-Order, our flagship out-of-the-box E-Commerce Mobile App Solution (for Square – we’re an official Square Partner) – it’s sort of like a copyable app template, but we engineered it to be so much more. We’ll “brand” (ie. customize) your App with your logos, background images, etc. and publish it in the App Store and Google Play under our parent company ThinApp’s Developer Accounts (saving you over $130+ in developer fees). Subject to restrictions – see Terms for more.

In addition, you’ll get access to your very own Website Admin Dashboard where you’ll be able to manage several key features we’ve added to help you customize your App, such as:

  • Add/Edit Order Cutoff Start + Stop times (for every day of the week)
  • Add/Crop background images for Categories & Locations
  • Free Stand-Alone Loyalty + Reward Settings (ie. Square’s Loyalty is extra)
  • Hide (or Re-name) Locations & Categories
  • Hide any Products and/or Services
  • Automatic Inventory Syncing
  • Look Up past Order(s) Info
  • Manage/View Orders in our custom KDS (Kitchen Display System)
  • And much, much more. See images here…

Connect Your App To Square In 30 Seconds

Our Apps pull all the important stuff instantly and directly from your Square Dashboard, so that’s where you’ll customize most things, like adding Menu/Product Images (that display beautifully in your App). So, if you don’t already have a free Square Account, then sign up for a free account on our personal Partner’s sign up page here: Sign Up for Square (US)

And, we’ll never need access to your actual Square Account. We use the official OAuth Protocol per Square’s Partner Rules. Learn more

Timeline – 2 days to 2 weeks on average

Depending on how many Apps we have in our Production Queue it can take as little as 2 days or as long as 2 weeks. Of course, you can always expedite your App’s completion timeline for just $29.

Monthly Support

Basic Monthly Tech Support & Updates are included in this price and you’ll never pay any monthly fees – ever.  If you’re interested in Premium Co-Founder Support you can enroll here: Enroll Now »


Basically, we’re giving 5 planned common shares per $1 spent. If you enroll in Monthly Support then 1,500 additional shares are earmarked for you, which you’ll earn part of with each month. Your Revenue Share and Equity Ownership (if we exit and sell) is based on “earned” shares. So if you chose the $299 plan and we sell tomorrow you’ll be paid based on 1,500 shares vs the 3,000 you would’ve had in total after paying for 12 months of support.

Getting Started

All we need to get started is for you to prepare an email or shared drive with the following files and info:

  • Any logo(s) you may have. The larger and/or higher the quality and format, the better.
  • Your primary/dominant color + Your secondary “accent” color.
  • Your website(s) and/or social media, so we can take a quick look at your brand, feel, etc.
  • Your slogan, mission or special message (if applicable)
  • Any background images you’d like us to use in your new app.
  • Your First + Last Name, primary Contact Email + Phone Number for our Client Files.
  • Any other important details you think we should know about your brand/business

The final info we’ll ask for:

  • Text for pages: About, FAQs, Contact
  • How your current loyalty program works or how you’d like it to work (if applicable)?
  • App Store Page Info
  • Checkout Options: Pickup ASAP, Pickup Custom Time, XXXX Pickup, XXXX Custom Time, Delivery
  • And, that’s it!

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